The JT Lockwood Band

Upbeat, passionate, and heartfelt; the words used to describe the music of Northeast Acoustic Pop Rockers The JT Lockwood Band

Hailing from Hallowell, Maine, a town known for its vibrant music and art scene, JT Lockwood (Vocals, Guitar) has spent much of the last decade writing and performing his own version of acoustic rock. Amidst an assembly of talented local musicians, JT emerged as a solo a...rtist and began writing what would eventually become his 2006 debut album, “A Chance for Change.”

Lockwood’s songs form an honest connection with his audience, which is something many musicians strive for, but few seem to achieve. “I feel it’s important to pay homage to a sound that is both familiar and comfortable, before you can offer an audience something completely new,” explains Lockwood. “It’s sort of like earning their trust, before you demand it.”

The rest of the band shares this sentiment. Bert Macdonald (Lead Guitar, Vocals) has been a part of the band’s signature sound since it’s formation in 2008... “I’d like to think that when it comes to music, I’ve got a pretty good vision of what works, and what doesn’t.” Bert has been performing throughout New England for over 10 years. “Most of my musical influences aren’t commercially successful, so I do my best to bridge the gap (stylistically) between what I know, and what I think people will enjoy.”

While Lockwood and Macdonald rely heavily on their own intuition to connect with the audience, brothers Justin (Bass, Vocals) and Thom Bureau (Drums, Vocals) use their conventional training to secure the rhythm section. Originally from Lynn, Massachusetts, Justin taught bass as a private instructor for 3 years before studying Jazz at the University of Maine. Thom studied percussion throughout high school and went on to perform with the Boston Crusader Drum Corps. from 2000-2004. These were national tours that placed him in front of hundreds of thousands of people. In spite of an extremely polished skill set, the brothers still play with an unmistakable amount of “feel.” The hodgepodge of styles and influences create a unique blend of traditional timing and contemporary groove.

“There's a big difference between musicians that are just playing together, and having an identity as a band,” says Lockwood. “The struggle has always been finding a group of talented players that are committed to the same goal. I believe with this lineup we have formed something special.”

The JT Lockwood Band will be playing dates within the Northeast in support of their new album, which was released October 9th 2012.